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Re: Kaoss pad 3 LED matrix controller idea for LP1

Hi Sjiak,
i'm using a KP2 to control some MIDI fuctions of my looper (Mobius), but 
a different way.
In my set-up, i have assigned some looper functions to some of the program 
buttons (4-8) and to the Motion/Mute button, but just to trigger MIDI 
command like "next track", "previous track", "Global Mute", Fade In/Out 
scripts, etc...
I have found that volume and feedback are best controlled by a footpedal, 
than by my finger moving onto the KP, and I also prefer to have both hands 
"on" my keyboard, rathar than make them jump to the KP and back to the 
keyboard. So these "crucial" controllers are activated by the FCB1010.

Just my 2 cents...., but let me know if you find a better way to use the 
like a midi controller.


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Subject: Kaoss pad 3 LED matrix controller idea for LP1

Is anyone using a Korg Kaoss pad 3 to control a LP1 or other looper? This 
what I want: use the touch pad LED's to control the volume and feedback of 
LP1 track 1-4.

The idea: if I choose pattern 7, I can setup a 4*2 LED matrix, with each 
cell having it's own midi CC message. But I cannot assign the min and max 
values here. Or is the min value always 0 and max 127?


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