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RE: Your Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums

In no real order:

1. Meddle (sans Seamus)
2. Obscured By Clouds
3. Dark Side of the Moon
4. Animals
5. Atom Heart Mother

I really love pastoral Floyd - the era where Rogers hadn't really
exerted too much control - when Gilmour and Wright had more to do with
the sound of Floyd than anything else. 

The first album I really knew was Dark Side, then Piper. I love Piper -
but as I've gotten older my music tastes have tended to become further
removed from Psychedelic whimsy. There are certain songs of the Syd era
which are brilliant, and I had the good fortune a couple of years ago to
write a cover story for Guitarist Australia on Syd and the guitar
techniques associated with early Floyd which was very special. 

However, my guitar heart lies with Gilmour. And On An Island is the best
solo Floyd record bar none. In fact I would even rate Gilmour's S/T
record above The Wall. 

I admire Waters' lyrics and philosophical positions - when he started on
his megalomaniacal trip really destroyed all that was good about the
Floyd - the loss of the incredibly delicate and pastoral musical
sensibilities of Wright and Gilmour to the subservience of overly wordy
lyrics married to sub-standard melodies from The Wall and the Final Cut
is almost too much to bare for my ears. Waters lost the poetry of his
earlier work when he started getting angry. 

And while I won't ever refuse to acknowledged a band and a artists
growth in their work - it is bittersweet for me when it comes to the
Floyd as for me, their peak was when everyone was working in partnership
between 68 and 73. 

Though really, I still rate the post animals Floyd albums highly than
many other bands best albums so my disagreement with the waters
megalomaniacal era is really just academic. 


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On Sep 20, 2008, at 12:30 PM, tEd (r) KiLLiAn wrote:
> I was born in 1953 and have been a fan since i bought "Umagumma" as  
> a brand new double LP at the corner record shop in 1969.
> I picked up on some of their earlier more psychodelic stuff after  
> that and have bought everything ever since.
> I even find their early soundtrack albums, although weaker  
> generally, to be still very enjoyable from time to time.

> Even some of the Gilmour era "reconstituted" Floyd is pretty darn  
> good (much like Gilmour's solo efforts).
> News of Richard Wright's departure from this mortal coil was much  
> to me like news of the death of Hendrix, Morrison, or Lennon.
> The end of an era.

Ted, you've got an notable similarity to me in every word above. Same  
age (- a year), same album, same feelings.

Seeing my 1st Floyd show in March 1973, Dark Side of the Moon changed  
my life. It changed my aim in life.

It had EVERYTHING: True Quadrophonic sound, a great light show, a  
backdrop film, pyrotechnics! (massive explosion/ mushrooming fireball  
in "Careful w/ that Axe, Eugene"), Rock guitar, spacey electronics,  
appealing lyrics/ concept, sexy backup singers. It was very 3 (or  
maybe 4 or 5) dimensional to me.

After 2 years in college I got a synth, got a 4 track reel to reel  
(w/ sound-on-sound!),  & found a girl who'd been a Floyd fan even  
before me. Tried chasing the band for a few shows on subsequent  
tours. I always made audience tapes. Got backstage a few times & once  
gave band members Indian arrowheads (ones I'd found).

Rick seemed pleasantly down-to-earth the first time I got to say  
"hi". They'd just seen "Star Wars" in Cleveland and he loved it .  
They were about to play to 77,000 fans @ Cleveland's Stadium (with no  
opening act). It set a new record at the time.

The band obviously hit a "Grand Slam" homerun w/  DSOTM. They were my  
"heroes" for both their sound, and their low-key style. The Live at  
Pompeii film also showed their sense of humor pretty well.

Very Sad to lose him. The music though, remains & continues .... it  
shines on.....

Favorite albums: DSOTM, Wish You Were Here, Obscured by Clouds,  
Meddle, & all the others..

Scott D.

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