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Re: sub-$500 computer interface

The price ratio for interfaces is dependent primarily on the number of ins & outs. Without knowing how many you need or want, I can only hazard a suggestion. . .
This subject is still fresh in my mind, since I just helped a friend find an interface for his computer last week. What we discovered is that there are a plethora of entry level units, with only a few ins/outs; and then quite a few ones on the higher end, but not alot to choose from in between. . .
I recommended the new Fast Track Ultra 8R by M-Audio. .
. . .which I use and am happy with. It has everything you're looking for, and maybe more? It goes for $500 (though you can find new ones cheaper on ebay).
It's USB, to which some people are instinctively averse; but the latency is very low (less than 5milsec), and USB is, in general, more stable than firewire.
There's also a Tascam interface in this price range which I don't know about.
I should add that I've always had good tech support from M-Audio, and (most important when considering an audio interface) they are diligent in updating drivers.
So, anyways, happy looping (to get this back on topic a little!. . .)
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Subject: sub-$500 computer interface

> Hi,
> I haven't looked at this category of products for awhile.
> What are the leading products for a sub-$500 FW computer interface? 
> Planed use:
> - general purpose , good quality audio interface
> - good computer interface mixer s/w (Mac or PC)   
> - occasional mic/instrument input (possibly stere mic)
> - 1/4" in/outs  or combo jacks
> Thanks
> -Qua