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Re: OT: Youtube

Hey Luis
you asked:
"I am also trying to find out what the eyedrop form 12 string guitar 
Will sergeant used with echo and the bunnymen.anybody knows? here you 
can see it sitting in the background ", 

Hey bub,
I'm almost certain that this is a Vox 12 string electric.

I know because when I was a kid (in 63-67)  I used to collect guitar 
equipment catalogues.
Don't ask me why,  I was a drummer,  but I always loved gear.   I had 
all the fender catalogues,
the standell catalogues,  the orange catalogues, the vox catalogues 
along with all the weekly
top forty lists that our local music store gave away for free.

Anyway,  I was pretty good at spotting guitars and their different makes 
I used to just pour over those catalogues as I listened to the Beatles, 
the Stones,
Eric Burdon and the Animals, the Kinks,  Paul Revere and the Raiders 
(before they
became bubble gum and were pretty tough, believe it or not), and a whole 
of British Invasion bands that I was really into.    I kind of prided 
myself on knowing which
model was which (along with knowing all the American muscle cars of that 
era as well).
It was a weird obsessive thing to do for a little kid, but then again,  
I"ve always been
a weird obsessive kind of guy..................lol.

I wish to heck that I still had those old catalogues.  I threw them away 
when I went to college
thinking they were worth nothing along with my old Fillmore and Avalon 
hippy posters that are worth a mint now.
   Hell, I even had the original plastic flexidisc for the  original Cry 
Baby Wah Wah guitar pedal that I
got out of a Mad magazine of all things.

You know,    ".....this is the sound of the Crybaby Wah Wah 

wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah.................add nauseum.

So,  this is either a Vox 12 string guitar, or it was a cheap Japanese 
knockoff of said guitar.
Vox, in those days had a whole line of tear drop shaped guitars that I 
thought looked bitchen
(or cherry,  whichever sixties northern california slang you want to 
apply to it).