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Re: sub-$500 computer interface

I recently bought an Mbox 2, and though I've not used it extensively, I have done some recording with it.  I purchased Logic Express, and of course getting the Mbox gives you Pro Tools LE as well.  Since I had a project coming up right away, and I hadn't dove into either program yet, I used it with Garageband.  It works with that application, but it pushes it so that the fan comes on constantly.....LOUD, as in if you're doing anything acoustic, you'd have to really isolate it. 

I thought it was a problem with my computer, a macbook, but when I actually got up to running just a simple recording on either protools or logic, that fan issue seems to be non-existent.  So I would say so far so good.  

Of course the only thing with any protools deal is that it's hardware dependent, as in you have to have something plugged in. So if I want to do any editing on the go, say on a plane, I'd have to get that little micro dealy to plug in, and that's an additional $250.

I guess if I get totally hooked on protools and am getting enough editing work that it makes it worthwhile, maybe I'll get that.

Hope that's helpful,