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Roland 13-pin GK users, a question...

I've got a GR-20 I'm using with a Godin Multiac Jazz. I just got a Demeter 
Stereo Tube Direct Box to get the signal in to the AD with very good tone, 
and I've been playing around with every imaginable combination of signal 
routing between the GR-20 stereo out and the guitar out. 

To make a long story short, it seems to me that the guitar signal that 
comes out of the GR-20 by way of the 13-pin cable introduces some 
distortion. If I use the 1/4" jack on the guitar itself to feed the same 
signal chain, the distortion goes away. It's a subtle thing, like slight 
clipping, and only on certain notes in the treble register.

I'm a old hand at gain stage management, and I've really exhausted every 
possibility here. But still I find it odd I can't get a perfect gutiar 
signal out of the GR-20.

Has anyone else noticed this? Found a solution? I'd rather not run a 
second cable out of the guitar for the guitar sounds, but if that' what I 
have to do, then so be it.