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OT: NYC Fretless Guitar Festival

Just a quick note to mention to those in the NYC area that this weekend is 2nd or possibly 3rd annual NYC Fretless Guitar Festival created and curated by one of the current pioneers and a guy who influenced me about 2 years ago, Michael Vick.  The festival begins this evening (Sept 20) at 7pm a venue host Crash Mansion located 199 Bowery (at Spring) in Manhattan.  There are a plethora of exciting fretless artists both evenings from all over the planet and I'm honored to be included.  All the sets are short (15 min) as in the spirit of the fest to spread the vision of fretless guitar playing.  
My set is tomorrow evening (Sept 21) at 7:25 to 7:40.  I'll be doing a piece on fretless acoustic (plugged in) and a piece on the oud (plugged as well).
Should you be in the area please consider checking out either evening as I'm sure there will be a range of different technical and cultural approaches to the style and muse.
Good weekend to all.
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