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Re: Other VG-99 Looped


Electronic John Fahey . . . wow, I am quite flattered (really).

I'm definitely a mix of things (as we all are) and I always counted him 
an influence (back there some where).

But you're the first person to ever catch it and mention it back to me 

Okay, rig questions . . .

There are some photos linked at: 

And some others at: <http://www.box.net/shared/fdab16okcg>

As well as: <http://www.box.net/shared/lp5o4cv4kc>

The one in the middle (at the 1st link above) was shot at the more 
intimate BEMF3 "Preview" event held in a martial arts dojo (from right 
behind me) and more or less shows my set up (though maybe not very 

It's just me sitting on a stool and playing my GK-equipped Gibson RD 
Artist (not seen for my being in the way, sorry).

Close at hand on my left is a 5-space rack bag on a stand and sitting 
on top of that is the VG99 "brain".

Equally close at hand to my right is another 5-space rack bag on 
another stand.

Beginning with the bag on my left (below the VG99) it contains:

Boss VF-1 multi-processor (half-rack FX for processing my normal 
magnetic pickup guitar sound when needed).

Boss MX-10 (half-rack 10-channel mixer and more-or-less the "hub" of 
all this stuff)

Lexicon Vortex #1 (FX for processing magnetic pickup signal #1) feeds 2 
channels on the mixer

Lexicon LXP-1 (half-rack FX for processing magnetic pickup signal #2)

Lexicon LXP-5 (half-rack FX for processing magnetic pickup signal #2)

Lexicon Vortex #2 (FX for processing magnetic pickup signal #2)

Furman Rack Rider power supply.

Some explanation of this left-hand rack . . . over the years I have 
come to like big, fat, complex, composite sounds that evolve and have 
"air" . . . but also like a system that is flexible and can also 
"narrow down" to a really good set of simple single-instrument voices 
at a moments notice too.

The VG 99 main R&L signals go straight into the mixer without further 
processing - completely nude, nada, nothing - and I control it with an 
FC300 and the various buttons and controllers on the VG itself at times 
(having it at that height and position is quite handy for ribbon, 
D-Beam and knob twiddling)

Out of the back of the VG99 my "normal" magnetic pickup signal is 
separated out from the processed VG signal and is further split into 2 
different signal paths:

Path #1) Via the VF-1 and Vortex #1 (and a Sustainiac Model C on the 
floor) it gets me my old familiar "Ted" tones that I cannot (at 
present) do without and haven't figured out how to get any other way 
yet (exactly) at the dip of an EB volume pedal (also on the floor).

There is also an EV-5 on the floor to control the "morphs" of Vortex #1 
on the floor.

Path #2) Via the LXP-1, LXP-5 and Vortex #2 this gets me a variety of 
soft, hyper ambient field "cloud guitar" effects at the dip of a 2nd EB 
volume pedal.

There is also another EV-5 pedal on the floor to control the "morphs" 
of Vortex #2.

These 3 separate stereo signals ("naked" VG99, mag PU version #1 and 
mag PU version #2) take up 6 channels in the 10 channel MX-10 mixer.

Out of the mono Aux send of the MX-10 we go out via a single mono cable 
to the rack bag on the right which is totally taken up with the 
functions of loop-producing and loop-processing.

In my right-hand rack bag are:

Oberheim EDP #1 (controlled by an EFC-7 on the floor)

Alesis Akira #1 (for processing and "stereoizing" the output of EDP #1)

Oberheim EDP #2 (controlled by another EFC-7 on the floor)

Alesis Akira #2 (for processing and "stereoizing" the output of EDP #2)

A little A.R.T. PowerMix III mixer (for sub-mixing the 4 signals from 
the above looping system down to a single stereo pair).

Furman Rack Rider power supply.

It shouldn't be too hard to imagine how this right-hand bag 
looping-side works in practice.

A mono signal from the left-hand bag feeds it and a processed R&L 
stereo pair comes away from it.

The 2 EDPs are un-synced and un-MIDIed as are the Alesis Akiras . . . 
it's all foot-switches and knob twiddling for control.

Being on a stand in a rack bag at the same height as the bag over on 
the left means the displays, knobs, and buttons are all handy to see 
and manipulate on the fly (which I do a lot of) with my right hand.

Via a pair of cables these return to the MX-10 again either on 
"channels" or the to stereo AUX returns (I've used both at different 
times for different reasons).

The main outs of the mixer feed a pair of little Mackie SRM150s on 
sawed-off mic stands that I use for personal monitoring.

The little Mackies 150's provide me with handy access to R&L master 
monitor volume right in front of me and (when I need to haul them out 
for a gig) they feed a pair of big  Mackie SRM450s for my own 
"bring-along" house PA sound.

Mostly, the 450's stay at home (as they did when I went to Boise) and 
sometimes I even leave the 150s at home too (as I likely will do when I 
go to Y2K8 next month).

I have enough gear to haul as it is and it looks like I will be sharing 
a ride to Santa Cruz this time.

But, at least it's down to 2 guitars - the RD and a Tele copy as a 
backup (making for 1 load-in trip) the 2 rack bags and stands (which I 
can carry from the car in trip #2) a duffle bag with my pedals and the 
VG99/Fc300 carrying case in one hand and a toolbox and my combo 
stool/guitar stand in the other (making for trip #3).

Back when I had the big rack and all the cabs and amps and stuff it was 
more like 8 trips (and navigating stairs or narrow confines was always 
a huge pain in the arse, to say nothing for my aching back before and 

There is still some flexibility in this current system too - and other 
things that I have that I can add on when needed.

I've got a GK4 13-pin splitter box so I can also hook up my old GR-1 
when I feel like it in addition to the VG99.

I still have a few unused extra inputs on the mixer too . . . so at any 
time I can add kalimba, birimbau, Dobro, harmonica or MIDI wind 
instruments and other goodies when the mood strikes.

But what you hear from the Boise tracks is pretty much exactly as 
describes as above - no extras.

For Y2K8 I am thinking of stacking the two 5-space bags one top of 
another on just one side (probably the right) to make for less floor 
space and cable spaghetti.

But at home I like to spread out a little more.

Does this help  . . . or satisfy your inner gear nerd?

Best regards,

Ted Killian

"Ive gotten the scary feeling, for the first time in my life, that 
dimwittedness is not just on the march in the U.S., but that it might 
actually prevail." -- Bob Herbert, New York Times

On Sep 20, 2008, at 10:11 AM, David Coffin wrote:

> On Sep 19, 2008, at 7:24 PM, tEd  KiLLiAn wrote:
>> Ugly, gnarly, and mutant seems to be...
> ...lovely to me!
> Quite wonderful, Ted: Oneness! You're my new electronic Fahey, 
> seriously.
> So, surely there's more here than just you and your 99, right? What 
> was your rig for these gorgeous tracks?
> dc