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Re: Your Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums

Preferences are almost related to what you hear in some times during your 
I was born in 1970, so i grew up listen to "The Wall"...I know it's 
considered a pop album but, I was 9 years old when it came out and i well 
remember i was strongly intrigued by the music and the lyrics too. My 
bought me a book with all the lyrics and the traduction in italian and i 
learned ALL the songs  of the album.
Next, I see the film ...and I was so impressed by the creativity, that 
that moment The Wall have "a special place" in my listening.
The Berlin installation in 1989 was also something really unique !
The Wall influenced me for the rest of my life...yes.

Anyway, my preferred works from PF are

1. The Dark side of the Moon
2. Wish you were here
3. The Wall
4. The Final cut

I want also to say that "The Final Cut", that it is an album not often 
mentioned, contains excellent songs in my opinion: "The Gunners Dream" 
that great "tacet" in the middle, before the sax and the Rogers Waters' 
voice start to play together"), "The Post War Dream" and "The Final Cut".

I recently bought the making of of The Wall and The Dark Side...there are 
lots of interesting curiosities: for example, i remember a talking about 
the recording of "The great gig in the sky" (did you know that the female 
voice was totally improvised ? the first recording - as usual - was the 
best. There is also David gilmour explaininng how did they mixed all the 
sounds and samples in Dark Side...: - no computer at the time,
but lots of hands on the mixer: do you realize ?

I personally think that  - apart Syd Barret edge - Roger Waters was the 
visionary man of the band..I have followed him after the PF edge, and he 
composed really great songs....
Listen to "It's a miracle", for example, here: 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duO0jNUYOg8 - This songs move me, every 
i listen to it !


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> Mine:
> 1. Ummagumma
> 2. Wish you were here
> 3. Meddle
> 4. Animals
> 5. Dark Side
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