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Re: Your Top 5 Pink Floyd Albums

No disrespect intended, but this is pretty futile exercise, no?.

Most floyd fans (especially the more rabid ones) have their 'fave' period,
often to the exclusion of others.  I personally know the 'nothing after 
side' group, as well as the 'nothing is as good after syd' group.  I belong
most of the time to the 'nothing after the wall' group.  But that's what
remains so cool about floyd is they grew and mutated and changed, while
still holding onto something interesting and essential.

RIP Rick...

My 2 cents.

On 9/19/08 6:34 PM, "Chris Sewell" <midifriedchicken@comcast.net> wrote:

> Mine:
> 1. Ummagumma
> 2. Wish you were here
> 3. Meddle
> 4. Animals
> 5. Dark Side