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Re: 73-D

Hi Per and Group

Thanks for your response to this intriguing topic.

I do not only respect but also admire the artship AND marketing  
techniques of NIN, Radiohead and the like. But are we talking about  
the same thing here? - Those guys have built up a reputation in the  
pop biz for quite a while and seem to be able to sell whatever  
physical/non physical product to a wide range of different customers  
within an already existing fan base.

For my part, I am humbly trying to get some attention and a few  
rolling dollari as a composing newcomer.



Philipp Zurcher
Elfenauweg 2
CH-3006 Bern

+41 31 332 46 44  (Landline)
+41 78 623 13 13  (Mobile)