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Re: musicianship for solo loopers? (was OT NINE INCH NAILS)

George Ludwig wrote:
> The NIN thread got me thinking about one of the drawbacks of solo 
>performance, which is that the visual effect tends to lack a strong 
>impact. As a guitarist, it's pretty easy to just sit on the stool and 
>work the guitar and pedals. And that's not too interesting to watch, even 
>when it's Fripp. It's tempting to invite other musicans, especialy 
>percussionists who could hang with anything I might be doing without a 
>lot of rehearsal, to sit in if only for the added visual impact. 
> So what are your thoughts regarding how you approach making your solo 
>looping gig more visually engaging?      
What you're describing isn't musicianship, it's showmanship - putting on 
a show. Entertainment.

The most I did was work with a dance company which tended to draw
audiences that weren't very interested in the music.

* David Beardsley
* http://biink.com