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AW: AW: musicianship for solo loopers? (was OT NINE INCH NAILS)

Jim said:

"sit down as I've not figured out it's feasibililty standing so lest I
appear hypocritical in my points on standing.  In theory it is my pref to
stand as much as possible as I do think one looks down less.  this all said
I do try to make eye contact occasionally with the audience particularly if
children are present.  they've  often been my best fans."

Also very valid, Jim. And of course as you mentioned, some instruments help
you with that. There are some which are intrinsically stupid to that regard
(church organs, big trap sets, concert harps etc.), and some which while 
actually problematic, can be problematic for a bad player (e.g. me playing
an electric guitar, because sometimes I tend to take a glimpse at the
fretboard). Trumpets and trombones are cool, even though they partly 
your face. In fact, I believe that instruments which you point at the
audience while playing normally help you when trying to connect with the
audience - trombones, trumpets, saxophones (well, let's limit that to alto
and especially tenor registers).

Personally, I found that I was much better able to connect with my audience
when playing trombone and singing, in comparison to guitar and keyboard
playing. And I'm comparing settings where the rest of my rig remains the