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RE: AW: musicianship for solo loopers? (was OT NINE INCH NAILS)

Excellent points--Keller's show benefits from his very agile picking,
especially on acoustic guitar, and from his offbeat sense of humor.  His
live DVD "Sight" offers onstage and off views of his personality.  At that
time, most of his loops were about two to four bars long, and while
overdubbed or muted, were rarely multiplied, windowed or altered in 
frequently mentioned on this list.  I saw him live in 2007, and he brought
about six guitars and a few other instruments (including a theremin) while
on the DVD, he is surrounded by a huge variety of guitars, drums, etc.

He also benefits from a full-time FOH sound man who is an unseen part of 
show, singing harmony vocals and making important switches, fades and 
and adding delays, modulations and reverbs to the loops and live sounds.


Keller Williams is very entertaining. He must be as he sells out  
theatres every night. But he's a player and not a tweaker.
I've seen a lot of loopers who arent very good players, they just  
tweak effects to try to make it interesting. Thats cool and all, but  
they are at a big disadvantage (imo). There's been some recent videos  
posted of players focused 110% on there pedalboard. That to me is  
certain death onstage. If you are going to use effects as  
instruments, they should be as natural to control as a Stratocaster.