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Re: Setting Up my new Gibson Echoplex Pro

Ah, I see. I use a volume pedal as well but in a different way. My
pedal modulates the global mixer input level, so it in fact affects
all my instrument inputs. I use one mic, one electronic line input and
one electric guitar line input. The mic goes through an extra mic amp
that I turn off when not playing one of the acoustic instruments
through that mic. Electric guitar and electronic instrument have there
own volume knobs that I keep at zero when not playing the instrument.

The reason I have the volume pedal assigned to the global input is
that I want to use it for all my instruments, not just the acoustic
ones. I also constantly use the pedal to cut out leakage between the
notes I play - otherwise the stage monitors would have to be credited
as my live collaborators on every song ;-)) as they would bleed into
my loops. For this reason I also keep all my effekts after the volume
control. This makes it possible to play a note, close the input and
still have a long reverb or delay tail being overdubbed into a long
loop without stage monitoring bleed-over noise.


>> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 5:07 AM, Todd Chambeau <tchambeau@comcast.net>
>> wrote:
>>> 1. If I purchase a 16 track mixer, will I be able to loop everything
>>> (guitar,bass, vocals) with my one Echoplex unit (without having to plug
>>> and
>>> unplug each instrument and mike during performance)?
> On Sep 11, 2008, at 2:59 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
>> Yes. You plug your instruments into different mixer channels and use
>> an aux to send from each channel to an output cabled into the Ehoplex.
>> That brings an important issue: you will need to close the signal path
>> from every instrument when not playing it, to prevent it to leak noise
>> into the Echoplex input line. On bass and guitar this is simple, just
>> turn down the instrument's volume knob before putting it down. On the
>> mic you can either use an off button on the mic, a channel input mute
>> button on the mixer or a foot controlled volume pedal/button on the
>> floor, inserted between the mic and the mixer.
>>> 2. I noticed Keller would play a part on an instrument, then press a
>>> button
>>> on one of his mixer channels right after the loop. What do you think he
>>> was
>>> doing?
>> Muting that instrument's input line.
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