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Rang 3 update

I've been holding out for this since my Echoplex was stolen last year.

Here's a reply I got from Mike at Boomerang

> I was wondering if you still plan to make a Rang 3.
> Would it be ready by the end of the year?

Hi Andre,

    If you've been following our progress you know we've set a few
delivery dates
and missed them all, but I
believe we are actually getting very close. Here's a bit of info on our

    We have all the parts to make a few hundred units. The circuit boards
have all
parts soldered on. The hold
up is finishing the software which has proven to be quite complex.
    Here's what we have so far:
* 3 or 4 loops, your choice
* stacking with undo/redo - "stacking" is adding parts to a loop
* erase one or all loops - also a loop can be erased while another plays
* copy loop - a loop can be copied while it or another one plays
* copy live - this enables "re-sampling" and is very powerful; the pedal's
output is
routed to a new loop
* octave - loop plays at half speed and an octave lower
* reverse - loop plays backwards
* once - loop plays one time through then stops
* fade - loops fade in or out with one button press; fades can be 1-60
seconds long
* reverse solo - this is an effect and enables you to create reverse leads
* Serial play style - loops play one after the other like the Rang(TM) Plus
* 48KHz sample rate with 20 bit samples
    What's left to do:
= Sync play style - all loops can play simultaneously and are synced so
they stay
= Free play style - all loops can play simultaneously and are not synced;
this is
great for ambient sounds
= stereo recording and playback
= 24KHz sample rate with 20 bit samples
= output options using Smart jacks - the III senses which jacks are being
= Thru Mute function - turns off through signal

    All of the remaining tasks are fairly easy with the exception of Sync
style, so I think we're on
course for an October delivery.


Mike Nelson
Secretary/Treasurer, Boomerang Management, Inc.
General Partner of Boomerang Musical Products, Ltd.


"Some products make you sound better;
 the Boomerang(R) Phrase Sampler makes you play better."