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my looping Video show on Public Access TV in Iowa City, IA

Right before i came back to work in aug, (i have summers off)
i turned in to our local Public Access TV my newest Looping show.

it's called:
"Mr. HappEEE TimEEE's Fun Hour"

It's kind of a crazy show, it has this wacky wooden puppet doing intros -i make li'l pop culture references-i think there's one reference to the TV writers strike....
so that show's you the show is a bit old now.
i think i did the looping bit back in dec 07, there might be one bit from jan 08, and i think i did the puppet stuff in jan 08, got it edited in to a 1/2 hr show (joke of calling it "fun hour").
the looping stuff i put on this halloween mask-one is a skull , one is a devil, to reference buckhead a little (i had been listening to a lot of him at that time), and used my new guitar at the time, the mahogany collaged guitar w/ feedback microphone and mexi-strat-trem bridge. i think i was using my boss dd20 to do most of the looping at the time.
the funny thing i think all my little "live recording sessions" use the same format:
usually start w/ abstract-noise (henry kaiser/torn-like) influence, then it morphs into some wacky metal/rock thingy (probably coming from all my 80's influences), then i usually try to end w/ some clean sounding (bad interpretation of) fahey-like stuff...or something like that.

i will say one thing: it is very hard to play w/ a mask on, can barely see my effects setups, gets hot after a few minutes, etc. so i don't know how buckethead or the guys from slipknot perform w/ masks on, they are obviously (way) better than i.

the other thing, i realized was the Public access channel was still showing my 2 old videos that I made of me looping, b/c i would see friends in town and they would say, "hey, saw you playing guitar on tv the other day." and then i realized that that show was 4 yrs old. so decided to try something new, and had this idea of hiding identity, so you wouldn't see this pathetic old guy playing guitar (ha!).
i actually have show # 2 in the can, it just takes me months to deliver them. the new one is in the same vein, but uses my newer guitar (klein-like), and i'm using a boss rc-20 and behringer tweakalizer for looping (and maybe a little of my digitech rp-150). i found that the rc-20 is good for having different things preprogrammed to play to (i keep forgetting to delete everything i've recorded, so hard to use in that mode), and the tweakalizer is good for on-the-fly loops that i use to hand manipulate (i like it and its cheap!).
they supposedly told me that sometimes they post their videos to Google Videos, but i haven 't seen it yet.
oh well, thought i'd share...
happy looping.