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AW: calculating rhythmic synch between analalog delay pedal and bpm

Chris said, about using delay pedals together with drum machines: 
>       Won't that drift horribly?

It depends on how long the aberration cumulates. If you use e.g. a short
delay in combination with a drum machine, e.g. to put two 16th slaps on 
hit of the snare and that delay length is off by 1%, then the second 16th 
off by 2%, which in a lot of cases is acceptable. If, on the other hand, 
use a longer delay, e.g. to run a one-bar bass line together with your drum
machine, and the initial (loop) delay length is off by 1%, then it's of by
1% after the first bar, 2% after the second and so on, and you will quickly
use the attribute "horribly".