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Re: calculating rhythmic synch between analalog delay pedal and bpm

Here's one more variation:
>what math do i use to figure out what would sync a drum machine bpm to  a milliseconds knob on a delay pedal?
taken from a post by "John Greythorne":
y = (240,000 * (d / t)) / x

where t is the divisions of a bar (e.g. 16)
and d is the delay time (e.g. 3)
and x is the bpm of your song

y is the delay time in milliseconds

so to calculate 3/16ths of a bar for a 120bpm song, the calculation is

(240,000 x (3 / 16)) / 120
= 45,000 / 120
= 375 milliseconds
>wondering if precision is possible?
To control the mooger fooger via MIDI you'll need a MIDI to CV, "control voltage",  converter box of some kind.
This link shows several. http://www.synthzone.com/cv.htm
Analog is not perfect and will have to be retuned on occasion, but it'll be close enough