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Re: Best way to use EDP & tube amp w/out an effects loop?

I run all of my loopers (EDP, DL4, 2880) through the aux sends on a
board.  I bring the returns back on individual faders so I have the
most flexability EQ and signal blending.

This not only allows you to run multiple sources through a single
looper, but also allows you the option of running a single source to
multiple loopers.  Running through the auxes would give you the
ability to mic the cab and grab all of the juicy tube combo sound.

The trick to using auxes for loopers is that you have to make sure the
loopers are only returning the loop and not the source of the loop.

While this isn't the simplest way to set up your signal chain, I find
it to be the most flexible and certainly the cleanest.  I know much of
the thread, of late, has been towards the simpler more portable rig.
Simplification, quite often, implies a compromise either is
functionality or in quality.  It doesn't sound like you are willing to
sacrifice either, so you are left with adding layers of complexity to
accommodate your need for both.


On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 3:20 AM, Zak Kramer <crazyquilt@gmail.com> wrote:
> I love the sound of a great guitar through a vintage style tube amp. This
> probably makes me somewhat of a looping oddity...I like the contrast 
> old school sounds & new school techniques. Thing is, that forces me to 
> the EDP in front of the amp. Some guitar/amp combos fare better than 
> but it's certainly a compromise. Sometimes it's not even that -- it just
> sucks; lots of noise, decapitated high end, etc.
> So, I take it that the solution is an effects loop. But it's a pretty 
> '62 Princeton that has an effects loop, and I'm not about to mod mine so
> extensively.
> If I understand these things correctly, adding a mixer won't be any
> advantage (although it'd let me use other instruments, but let's stick 
> guitar right now.)
> So...is the solution to get a different amp with an effects loop, or is
> there some other tactic I'm missing (which I'm hoping is the case)?
> Thanks,
> --
> Zak Kramer
> Crazyquilt Arts & Music
> http://www.crazyquiltarts.com/