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Re: Best way to use EDP & tube amp w/out an effects loop?

Dude, you don't have to mod your amp.

If you have the cake, get an effects loop pedal. I found a very very high quality one... a Radial Tonebone Loopbone Master Loop Controller.

(Yes, I realize it sounds like a looper, but it ain't.)

It's very expensive, but the audio fidelity is amazing. It has two effects loops. Plus it has a gain boost, which can also act like  a light distortion.

Check it out, it might be just the ticket.

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 8:20 PM, Zak Kramer <crazyquilt@gmail.com> wrote:
I love the sound of a great guitar through a vintage style tube amp. This probably makes me somewhat of a looping oddity...I like the contrast between old school sounds & new school techniques. Thing is, that forces me to run the EDP in front of the amp. Some guitar/amp combos fare better than others, but it's certainly a compromise. Sometimes it's not even that -- it just sucks; lots of noise, decapitated high end, etc.

So, I take it that the solution is an effects loop. But it's a pretty rare '62 Princeton that has an effects loop, and I'm not about to mod mine so extensively.

If I understand these things correctly, adding a mixer won't be any advantage (although it'd let me use other instruments, but let's stick with guitar right now.)

So...is the solution to get a different amp with an effects loop, or is there some other tactic I'm missing (which I'm hoping is the case)?


Zak Kramer
Crazyquilt Arts & Music