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Re: ( Mobius rhythmic accuracy) was: now That First Loop

No sweat man, i agree id be the first one to buy a looper that read my 
mind unfortunately the looper just repeats the shit i put in it;-D
So after messing aroud with both drivers almost a day i have finally 
settled back to the MME, i know it sounds disgusting but Mobius reacts way 
to sensitive with the ASIO drivers and my RME.With the MME drivers i set 
latency compensation to about 60 milliseconds and it works good enough for 
ma funk.

here is a quote from Jeff:
"Most of my testing has been done using MME drivers, specifically because 
they introduce high latency. Systems that synchronize recorded audio with 
what is being played must perform latency compensation. ASIO tends to hide 
errors in latency compensation, MME makes them painfully obvious"

and this is why i have no choice but to go with MME,with ASIO the error is 
somewhat hidden and there wasnt much i could do.
cheers and thank you all for your help!

> I see what you mean now, Luis. Sorry for the "looper
> can't read your
> mind" joke ;-))
> I forgot about the latency compensation issue. Over here I
> set it up
> once and for a long time I have not touched it. The way I
> did it was
> to play something really rhythmic, like a funk guitar vamp,
> and make a
> loop by hitting Record -> Record (not Record ->
> Overdub). Then you
> change the value for the compensation until it feels just
> right; the
> looper not skipping over time or loosing time at the moment
> you step
> Record for the second time.
> Best is to play the vamp for some seconds before making the
> loop, so
> you will be fully into the groove (musically) and sure to
> detect any
> disturbing error in the timing of the looper.
> -- 
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)
> www.myspace.com/perboysen
> www.stockholm-athens.com