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RE: New Member - was Buying Advice, now That First Loop

Dave wrote:
> However, I disagree about the pre-playing of rhythms as being always 
> I'm not a big fan of playing those patterns exactly the same each time, 
> every go-round can have new inflections and syncopations before finally
> catching one particular permutation of it.  I guess I see it more as an
> introduction than a pattern setup.  Another thing I enjoy doing is 
> unaccompanied leads in tempo before the rhythm is recorded, which also
> nicely sets up the entry of the to-be-looped pattern.

What I would like to add it that, although you can learn how to create an 
accurate loop, syncing other midi devices using midi clock is another 
issue. I found out that each looper has its own rules in how it calculates 
the tempo.

With the LP1 it is possible to use an external MIDI clock source such as a 
drum machine to create loops that stay synchronized. I recently bought a 
small tap tempo pedal, it's LED assumes a 4/4 time and signals the “1” 
with red, and the “2” “3” and”4” with blue lights. But it may also be used 
for any other times (e.g. 3/4). My synths and loopers are all synced to 
it, and using a rhythmic synth patch as your first loop makes your live a 
lot easier, something like an arpeggio or a patch with tempo synced LFO's. 
The LP1 creates perfect loops this way.