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Re: ( Mobius rhythmic accuracy) was: now That First Loop

Per Boysen wrote:
> Hi,
> I guess there must be some part of information missing here because
> what you are describing is simply not possible! As I understand it you
> are doing three things:
> 1. Kick Record.
> 2. Play your instrument (which is now being recoded by the looper).
> 3. Kick Record.
> Now, you're saying that after this process the loop starts playing
> back "faster or ahead of time". But no looper in the world can read
> your thoughts an know in advance when you will kick Record the second
> time to close the loop, set the loop point and start playback of the
> recorded loop! ;-))
> Please fill us in with the missing pieces so we can sort this out!

correct in what you say,
if Mobius latency correction is too great,
or it's used when you're listening to your sound coming through the pc,
(and you're compensating for latency by ear), 
then Mobius will change the loop playback position so that 
the loop audio arrives at your ear ahead of when it's expected.

(it doesn't have to read your mind, just miss out playing the beginning of 
the loop)

andy butler