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RE: OT reducing your carbon footprint

Nice thread! (if OT)

I experimented with not reading any news for long periods of time  
before, and it does turn out, that all your friends constantly  
deliver to you, what could be having more impact on your personal  
life, than remote damm breaks in  antarctica.
Admittedly the consequences of human behaviour on the planet tend to  
be in effect more and more  world-wide, when the number of us rises.  
But i still prefer local news, and surely one gets them even from  
your next door neighbor.
That about illustrates for instance, why extended news coverage about  
US elections is so annoying, given, that the papers here don't  
deliver the same attention to our own politicians.
Momentarily i am an online news junkie, for reasons of  
procrastination mainly, and the frustrating impact of consuming so  
many bad AND useless news is obvious and not minor.


nah, we're having a nice Indian summer in berlin!
don't miss our air cushion finish concert on saturday  if you're  
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> RE: OT reducing your carbon footprint

from the forefront of gentrification: New Bad Berlin ,-)
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