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Re: ( Mobius rhythmic accuracy) was: now That First Loop

hi Luis,
Mobius has latency compensation, so you need to set that up accurately.

If you're monitoring your guitar sound through the pc, then you'll learn
to compensate for the delay. In which case turning the Mobius latency 
compensation off if is necessary.

If you're monitoring the guitar direct, then setting the Mobius 
latency compensation correctly will get the timing of the loops right,
but loop functions will still be delayed.

andy butler

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L.A. Angulo wrote:
> Now that i finally got the driver issue with mobius out if the way i am 
>having a similar problem; with the MME drivers mobius had latency when i 
>triggered it with the fcb1010,now that is working with ASIO(which by the 
>way it was a matter of assigning correcly the ports of my RME fireface)it 
>responds nice and fast but when i record a loop and end it,playback 
>starts faster or ahead of time which can throw me off,same when i do 
> anybody having this problem?compared to the EDP is there an difference 
>in accuracy response? would i just have to adapt to this and live with 
>it,or is it a setup problem?
> Luis
> www.myspace.com/luisangulocom