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Re: OT reducing your carbon footprint

On Sep 3, 2008, at 9:49 AM, Jeff Larson wrote:

> Do you honestly think people on what Americans call the "right" don't
> care about the future?

The polarizing nature of the comments about the Right is mainly in  
reference to Fox News which has already done the polarizing.
They may care about "their" future which seems to mean a mostly white  
celebration of materialism, greed, social control, and dominionist  
christianity. Their idea of freedom seems to be unrestricted  
exploitation of people and resources by the powerful.
The basic Right Wing response is war, drilling, clear cutting,  
prisons etc.

They don't care about THE future.

And part of the nature of conservative mindset, especially religious  
conservatism the world over, is an unwillingness or inability to face  
the future -- a resistance or refusal to adapt and adjust to the  
changing conditions and needs of the evolving planetary situation.  
(Hence archaic brutal traditions like genital mutilation, whaling  

Sure, sweeping generalizations, but they (Fox News, neo-cons etc.)  
have earned it.