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RE: Mobius & Live...why


Thanks for the observations on Sonar. What I meant about already having a 
couple of DAWs is that I'm trying to decide if I should shell out $$ for 
the full version of Live (i.e. purchase yet another DAW), or if the LE 
version would be suitable (it's $200 less) for use as a looping host, and 
I would continue to use Sonar/Protools for traditional audio production.

I'm just trying not to buy more software than I actually need. :)

BTW, I got Mobius working really well last night using Live as the host 
and a Pok for a controller. It had been a long rough weekend of 
hardware/software troubleshooting that culminated in a disk reformat and 
reinstall of XP. Finally I was in looping heaven! 

Next steps...re-investigate Bidule now that I have a computer and audio 
interface that are working properly. And get MIDI in and out of the GR-20 
so I can (hopefully) re-map the controller pedal of the GR-20 to Mobius' 


--- On Wed, 9/3/08, Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:

> From: Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com>
> Subject: RE: Mobius & Live...why
> To: "sfmissionman@yahoo.com" <sfmissionman@yahoo.com>, 
> Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 10:47 AM
> > I've already got ProTools and Sonar, so I don't
> think I need
> > another DAW.
> I don't know about ProTools but Sonar isn't a
> particularly good host
> for looping plugins (or at least wasn't as of versionn
> 5).  Most DAWs
> are designed around the tape deck metaphor where you have
> to start and
> stop the transport and "arm" tracks for recording
> in order to get
> things flowing.  Sonar also had this goofy "audio
> engine" you had to
> turn on and off.
> The worst thing about Sonar though is that you couldn't
> record the
> output of an effect plugin into a track in real time.  The
> thinking is
> that effects are always applied at dynamically to a dry
> signal so you
> can change them later.  You can hear the effect as the
> track is
> recording, but what is recorded is the dry signal.  Since
> Mobius has
> to be an effect in Sonar, this means you can't have
> Sonar record a
> Mobius performance.
> The nice thing about Live is that was designed for live
> performance
> rather offline editing.  I found it easier to use as a
> virtual "rack"
> where you can combine plugin chains without worrying about
> recording.
> > Since I first posted this message, I had another
> thought about Live
> > and Mobius. If you're using a MIDI foot
> controller, you can record
> > both your linear audio as well as MIDI input, and as
> such can play
> > back a looping performance by routing the real time
> linear audio as
> > well as the MIDI commands back in to Mobius. That
> would enable you to
> > do things like fix minor mistakes in the audio, or
> better adjust
> > things like feedback and volume in the MIDI data
> stream, and then
> > re-render the looping performance.
> >
> > I wonder if anyone is actually doing this?
> I tried this once but due to the slight quantization of
> MIDI events
> I never got back exactly what I performed the first time. 
> But it may
> be close enough depending on what you want.  This is the
> way you
> would have to work in Sonar because it can only record the
> dry signal.
> Jeff