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Re: OT reducing your carbon footprint

Excellent, Bob!

>On Sep 3, 2008, at 1:58 AM, K D Patten wrote:
>>always go for 
>Ahh...That is associated with Fox News -- the fair and balanced 
>crowd, the let us over-consume because it is our tradition and 
>patriotic duty group, the *regulation is bad* because it interferes 
>with our ability to rape and pillage the planet network.
>I've always disliked the *warming* issue because it is too easy for 
>people to dither ( geologic time scales etc.) and ignore the fact of 
>the excessive impact of our species on all ecological functions  -- 
>CO2 is just one of many, many forms of pollution we spew into the 
>(Recent data links sunscreen lotion use to coral reef devastation.)
>Fertilizer fun-off, dead zones in the ocean, over-fishing, massive 
>deforestation etc. etc....
>And of course over-population: way too much pressure on delicate and 
>sensitive ecological systems.
>Why is it that conservatives (Fox News) don't want to conserve 
>anything (except maybe archaic social taboos)? Why is the Right 
>nearly always wrong?
>I think there has been within the last century the emergence of a 
>new species: Obliviates.
>These are people who don't care about the future, don't care about 
>the effect of their actions and lifestyle on the world and use 
>denial to support their delusions.
>Fox News is the obliviate network.
>A simple thing to do to help: stop eating beef, stop supporting the 
>beef cattle industry.
>To decrease my rant footprint, let me just say:
>whenever possible, live more gently and intelligently.