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Re: mobius and RME souncard optimizing

Dear Luis,

> maybe because i ve looped with the EDP for quite long.The thing that 
> me from using it though is the latency issue when triggering the 
> with the fcb1010,is there a way to optimize this better? 

Just to understand you correctly here: you are talking about the latency 
for (MIDI) commands, not for audio data, right?
Personally, I never found any problems here, but I'm not as much 
latency-affected as other people seem to be (for various reasons).
One approach I'd like to suggest is that you try comparing it with other 
trigger methods (e.g. keyboard) to more closely pinpoint whether this is 
probably a problem with your MIDI driver.

> Also mobius seems to work with MME direct sound driver only,when i choose
> ASIO i get no sound,is this the driver you are working with for those of 
> using RME?  

Using the MME driver will result in huge audio latency no doubt. I have to 
admit that I don't have first-hand experience with your specific 
configuration, but I can confirm that Mobius stand-alone with ASIO drivers 
works both with RME interfaces (Multiface) and with Firewire-connected 
interfaces (Presonus Firebox, TC Konnekt 24D) with low latency values.

(For a discussion on audio latency, see also http://moinlabs.de/e_lat.htm).