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Re: OT: Dummy-Plug Trick for SL-20 Slice

mech wrote:
"Additionally, I'm wondering if your old Ampliton trick might work 
here too: the one where you were plugging two completely different 
mono signals into the stereo inputs, then letting the internal 
oscillators mix between the two different sound sources.  If the 
Slicer's Stereo Output Modes affect the dry signal, I don't see why 
you couldn't do something similar -- with or without the effected 

Gosh,  was it me that posted that?   
I don't remember ever doing that with the Ampliton, but 
tomorrow when I wake up I'm going to try all these tricks.

How f*cking cool!!!

if is works,   it strikes me that you could then 
sum the output of the Ampliton's two mixed signals 
and then send it , mono to the SL-20 similarly 
and really mix it up.

We'll see.

thanks for the stimulation, again!