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Re: RE: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

Hi Rob

welcome :-)
> I had heard terrible (really terrible) things about firmware problems,
> crashes, reliability issues, and in particular a 1-second delay before
> playback that live musicians can find most distressing.  
I wonder where these rumours are coming from?

> reliability is a must.  
The RC-50 is really reliable. My experience/opinion is that people just 
start off with wrong settings (loop sync, tempo sync etc...). So if you 
can live with the little glitch previously mentioned and don't need it as 
MIDI slave - it's rock solid. :)
The new Boomerang (if it ever finally comes) would also be a serious 
candidate to consider, I guess.

Compare Per's Looper Overview for features of various loopers:

Have fun looping! :-)
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