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Re: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

I use it the RC-50 and quite like it.  Roland did release a firmware  
update that sort of eliminates the problem you mentioned.  And as far  
is that is concerned, there isnt a delay in playback where your loop  
starts a second later and messes up your timing, but the loop is just  
missing the first second (more like a half-second but who's counting)  
of the loop when you switch from rec mode to playback mode.  Your  
timing is still intact.  I love the RC-50.  My drum/guitar synth duo  
has many improvised sections where I have the rc-50 programmed with  
nothing but the complete range of time signatures. No loops or any  
pre-recorded material.  Just time signatures.  When a groove is  
settled into I go to corresponding time sig, tap in the tempo and lay  
done a bass line or whatever, all without missing a beat or  
stopping.  The RC-50 is reliable. Search Rico Loops in youtube or  
RC-50 in youtube and watch some vids.

On Sep 2, 2008, at 1:45 PM, Rob "Bodhi" Wolff wrote:

> Thank you for the suggestion!
> I had looked at the Boss RC-50, but had avoided it for a few reasons.
> I had heard terrible (really terrible) things about firmware problems,
> crashes, reliability issues, and in particular a 1-second delay before
> playback that live musicians can find most distressing.  Immediacy  
> is really
> the key for me, if I'm going to be working with this thing live, and
> reliability is a must.
> From the stats you listed, it sounds like a perfectly fine  
> candidate -- I
> merely had heard that it didn't quite live up to the performance  
> that was
> listed.
> If anybody has opinions on the actual live utility of the Boss  
> RC-50, I'd
> enjoy hearing them.
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> Hi Rob,
> Welcome to the list. Have you checked the Boss RC-50? I've used it  
> myself,
> and I think it's a good candidate for you.
> - 1x XLR mic-input with phantom
> - 1x Mono/Stereo 1/4 jack line inputs for instruments
> - undo: yes
> - sync or unsynced loops: yes
> - max 3 simulatious loops
> - 24.5 minutes stereo or 49 mono recording time, loops can be stored
> - USB to upload/download .wav files to PC
> http://euroloopfest.com/sjaak/rc50.htm
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