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Re: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

Hi Rob,
Have you looked at the Digitech JamMan? it has both instrument and mic inputs (presumably you can use them both at the same), and can also be used as an interface for computer recording. .
The same is true of the GNX4, which may be an even better solution if you want to incorporate effects and amp models into your loops (i.e. make your acoustic sound like an electric). The GNX4 has an integrated "JamMan" looper, different from the above, but in a way better, because with it you can lay down up to 8 mono loop tracks (or 4 stereo), and then disengage or re-engage them by pressing the corresponding track buttons. (For example, if on track 1 you record guitar, vocals on track 2, and some sort of rhythym on track 3, then, for variation, you can press buttons 1 & 2 to silence them, leaving only the third track playing; if you press the same buttons again tracks 1 & 2 will start playing again.)
I used the GNX for several years before upgrading to an Echoplex (probably #1 of the "big three" that you referred to). The former has the advantage of being really easy to use, so it's obviously a good way to start. I like it too (and still use it in my live setup) because it's literally an all in one device, thus simplifying the whole potentially complicated routing issue. . .
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Subject: New Member - Buying Advice and Opinions Sought

> Hi all!
> I'm a new member to the list, and I'm looking to expand my musical style by
> getting into looping.  However, I find that my lack of knowledge and
> experience with the equipment is hampering my decision-making process, and
> I'm hoping that you all might be able to guide me a little.
> I hope I'm not breaking any etiquette by asking for purchasing advice.  If
> so, please simply ignore my newbie mistake.
> I've tried reading up on the various products, and I tried reading the
> reviews up on this site, but frankly I am still mostly in the dark.  Heck,
> people keep referring to the "big three", and I'm still not sure which three
> they're referring to!
> While I'd appreciate any reading lists or advice for suggested reading you
> wish to give, I really think that I'm just going to need to trust the
> experts at some point.
> So I thought I'd just come out and ask you what you thought I should pick
> up, specifically, for my particular requirements.
> My needs:  I play almost exclusively live, acoustic guitar and vocals at the
> same time, and would want to loop either guitar or vocals or both (or other
> instruments through the mike).  As a live player, I'd need something
> portable, small, easy to set up, etc. (a rack-mounted unit is probably
> inappropriate) and my hands will be unavailable while playing, as a
> guitarist.  The loops would need to be at least the length of an entire
> verse/chorus combination, so that could run up to 1 minute or more.  As a
> live acoustic instrumentalist, it'd be nice if the sound quality was as high
> as possible, and if there was little-to-no hiss from the looping unit.  It'd
> be nice to save a decent loop after the fact (off the unit onto a recording
> medium of some sort) but this is far secondary to decent live performance.
> Ease-of-use is a bonus, but I'm expecting a learning curve.  However, that
> being said, the ability to remove the last layer (if a mistake was made,
> 'cause I make 'em!) would be a big plus!  Simple effects would be nice, too,
> as I own no effects pedals (and feel free to make suggestions there if you
> feel they would enhance things).  I'd want to loop both guitar and vocal
> lines at various times, perhaps even looping multiple different loops and
> playing them in synch, or in sequence.
> I looked at the new Boomerang III specs on a friends' advice, and from what
> I could make of it, it seemed that it only loops one input (so I could only
> loop the guitar, or the vocals, but not both).  Of course, I could be wrong,
> and/or there may be a workaround that is commonly used for this drawback (if
> this is a common state of affairs for many looping pedals).
> I'm extremely interested in moving forward with this project, but sadly I
> just seem to have run into an informational wall that I can't seem to break.
> So please, if you have a moment, feel free to share any advice, thoughts, or
> suggestions that you wish.  And frankly, if you simpy want to come out and
> say "I'd suggest buying Such-and-such" then that is fine by me!
> Thank you kindly for your consideration.
> Sincerely,
> Rob "Bodhi" Wolff