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Re: teaching kids Live-Looping

Hi Luis

thanks for the link, it's really great. 

I also do music workshops for children with live-looping. They love it!!
I wouldn't say I make a living with it, but I do get paid for workshops.

I like to keep groups smaller (max. ~16) and work more interactively. I 
usually teach them first some Beatboxing basics.
When looping, I have a mic for myself and one mic for the kids. It's also 
really fun to add some FX from outer space for fun (they love 
octaver/pitch shifting ;-).

One thing I've found is that - unlike usual live looping - it is 
interesting to use long loop lengths (i.e. 20 seconds, possibly longer).  
This way, you spread the different sounds over time and don't overload the 
childrens' attention. It helps them to listen more carefully, anticipate 
returning sounds. (They get really excited when they hear their own voice 
again ;-).

Also, I find it advisable to keep live looping sections with mic/Fx etc. 
short (i.e. 10-15 minutes - no ambient concert! ;-) and do other things 
(games, dance, songs... involving physical activity) before/after.

If any of you have experience with live looping + children, I'd be glad to 
hear your experience!


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