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Re: Cutting up the FCB-1010 (removing expression pedals)?

Buzap Buzap wrote:
> Zoe & all
>>i'm very exited!
> wow, exciting indeed. I've subscribed to the FCB list and looked at the 
>"Radical Mod" description. This is exactly what I want! (and black finish 
>is really nice... :-)
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/fcb1010/files/Hardware%20Mods/
> One more nice thing would be to have _optional_ connectors for 1-2 
>Roland EV5 Expression pedals.
> But I might use a software patch with audio I/O - the way Krispen 
>described it via MAX/MSP - instead.
> Thanks for the hint... one step closer to moving to software looping ;-)
> Buzap

I don't subscribe to that list.  AFAICT, it shouldn't be too difficult 
fitting a couple connectors for using other expression pedals with the 
fcb1010, as it has calibration routines build into it's software.
I don't know the ohm'ic range of it's buildin expression pedals, so I'd 
guess some external pedal will work, others not.
In any case you should use linial (volume) pedals, else you'll have all 
the action coming at the pedals end of sweep.

van Sinn