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Re: Software looping with Mainstage - configuration update, Soundflower, Jack, etc.

On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 3:13 PM, Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> 
> So - that's the news from Greenwood Lake for now.


How wonderful to hear about your new directions in three exciting list
mails! I'm looking forward to hear about where you'll be taking all
this in the future. Since you were talking about strategies for
reducing latency I'd just like to mention a viable solution I used for
one festival 14 months ago: simply using two laptops and streaming
audio digitally between them! I used a S/PDIF cable and had zero

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)