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Re: Software looping with Mainstage - configuration update, Soundflower, Jack, etc.

I know, there are possibilities there, and within Logic as well.
However, I want access to the Logic instruments, which, (*extremely*)
unfortunately are not available as AUs or outside the Mainstage/Logic
environments. So using Live to just record/replay midi to Mainstage
would be running yet another processor-intensive music app
simultaneously with the other two. (BTW, Logic also does MIDI
overdubbing/looping quite nicely, and I might consider using that
instead of Mainstage, in the end, but I would lose some of the
Mainstage features if i did that).

Although, WTF, I may as well try integrating Logic/Live and MAX at
once and see what happens, eh? What's the worst that could happen? a
couple of wasted hours? I really do like all the MIDI processing
facilities that Live has to offer... if it *does* work, it might well
be easier than hunting down that functionality in max and integrating