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Re: Cutting up the FCB-1010 (removing expression pedals)?

i know, because i do it, that you can send 5 program changes, 2 control changes and 1 note. each of them on any channel you choose. (i didn't mention the expression pedals because i ignore them, but those can have their own settings as well)

i have this:
2 PC switches sending on channel 1
2 PC switches sending on channel 2
1 PC switch sending on channel 3 
Note on channel 16

the only limitation is that the channel settings are global. 
so, if you have the first of your 5 PC switches sending on channel 16, the 2nd on channel 15, 3rd on channel 14, etc...those are the channels they will always send on. (er, unless there is some other way in the FCB to mash them all up that i'm unaware of....i've never bothered to find out)

On Aug 31, 2008, at 9:38 PM, J Johans wrote:

i was about to prepre to do this as well...but quick question about the fcb1010 ....
are you limited to one midi message per button or can you layer 4-8 different messages sent on different midi channels with a single button press?