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Re: Ableton Live 5 question

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 2:49 PM, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> wrote:
But, even if you should assign a MIDI note directly to the specific
slot, to record into, (instead of to the scene trigger slot on the
master track) you would have to set the track into record armed mode!
No recording can ever happen unless the track is record armed.

I know. But I like to keep a lot of tracks armed all the time so I can switch easily between instruments (guitar, keyboard, Continuum, wind controller).

Yes, but not directly. What you can do is to not bind your MIDI events
directly to the functions/commands in Live but to certain
"function/command controlling MIDI clips" that you may create. Inside
those clips you can put the MIDI events that are assigned to trigger
the function/command and then you either set the output to the IAC Bus
(if using Mac OS X. But there's a third-party solution for Windows as

In Live 7 it is possible to assign a MIDI event to many functions/commands.

I think I figured out a solution. On my Yamaha foot controller I can get it to send out multiple CC messages in response to one pedal hit. I finally got this to work after a lot of trial and error. If you want to start scene 3 and record into scene 3 slot 3 at the same time, you have to send it the "start scene 3" message BEFORE you send it the "record/play slot 3 scene 3". Otherwise its response is intermittent.

So for doing the guitar stuff I will use the foot controller, and for the keyboard I will have 6 buttons near the right side of the keyboard (2 buttons each for 3 slots). Right now I'm doing this with my Peavey slider box sitting by te keyboard, but I think I'm gonna get an M-Audio Oxygen 49 with programmable buttons. In this case it's good to have them on separate buttons so I can start the drum beat before I start recording.

Mark Smart