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Re: Cutting up the FCB-1010 (removing expression pedals)?

bob charest, who i found on the FCB list, is doing this for me right  
now!!! he's a professional musician in maine and has many  
talents...he posted photos of his pedal-removal job up the FCB group  
list and i was very impressed.

anyway, he agreed to do it, and i shipped him a pedal for him to  
modify. the pedals are coming off and the power supply will go in a  
little box that i'll mount in my rig (which will send power down a  
midi cable). there are other ways you could do the power thing, i  
decided that was the best option for me.

i talked to him yesterday and he was just painting the finished  
product with a black flake finish (!!).

i should get it this week. i asked him if he wanted to keep it a  
secret or not, but he says he is into the idea of this being a little  

i'm very exited!

On Aug 31, 2008, at 2:57 PM, Buzap Buzap wrote:

> Hi folks
> it would be kind of neat to have the Behringer FCB-1010 as a more  
> compact option _without_ expression pedals. And only take  
> additional pedals if you need them.
> Looking inside the FCB1010:
> http://www.el34world.com/Misc/Music/images/IMG_0230.jpg
> It could be actually possible: Cut the metal case off right where  
> the pedals begin, cut off the pedals, externalize the power supply.
> What do you think?
> Buzap
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