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Re: AW: AW: DJ techniques in live looping (Re: video on loop turntablism) - also for Jeff Larson!

 > With the exception of some specific maneuvers (see
 > below for backspin), the DJ's fingers stay in contact with the  
vinyl, so
 > what he controls is the differential sample position relative to  
the sample
 > position at the time when he put his hand on the record. And he only
 > controls that over a relatively narrow range.

I'm not sure I understand, are you talking about rapid jumps backward
and forward, like for example retriggering from the previous subcycle
rather than from the beginning of the loop?

The Slip script command will instantly move forward or backward some
number of subcycles:

    # skip backward two subcycles
    Slip -2

The Move script command will instantly move to any location in the
loop indicated by sample.  It can be used with math functions to make
relative moves that are not related to subcycles:

     # skip backward 1/2 second
     var newFrame frame - 22050
     if newFrame < 0
       set newFrame loopFrames + newFrame
     Move newFrame

In both cases though the jumps are instant, if you wanted the sound of
a record rapidly changing position we would have to do that with some
very large rate shifts up or down that stop when we reach the desired
location.  That could probably be done in a script but it would
be nicer with a built-in function like:

    # move to the specified frame by applying a 10x rate shift returning
    # to the previous rate when we reach the target frame
    Scratch newFrame 10.0

Is this closer to what you want?