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Re: VG-99 Yes it can

Hear, hear!

On all points, except that "competition" thing. Consider THAT race  
conceded. Period:)

Could there be any more conclusive demonstration than Bill's clips  
that PLAYING chops are the essential ingredient in first-class  

Not that there's any kind of a race, of course, or that I'm giving up  
anything; the 99 is a fascinating box and I'm determined to dig deep  
as soon as time permits.

Bill's skills in both departments are simply beyond breath-taking,  
imo. It's marvelous that some of his clips are available again. I  
certainly hope some more Loopers get on the VG train, too. Can we hear  
YOUR VG work somewhere, Mech? Your review was great; very tantalizing-- 


On Aug 31, 2008, at 9:09 AM, Mech wrote:

> I'll give a big +1 (make that +++1) to Bill Ruppert's VG-99 chops.  
> He's quite likely the top 99 programmer out there today (at least  
> until David Coffin gets up to speed on a new VG-99 and can give him  
> some competition <*big grin*>).
> There was a huge Soundclick page of Bill's that showed off an  
> amazing array of what this instrument is capable of.  Alas, that  
> collection is no more, but I'm so glad that some of those soundclips  
> survived.
> Thanks for chiming in, and great to see you lurking around here,  
> Bill!  :)