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Re: VG-99 Yes it can

At 11:54 AM -0400 8/31/08, mizuho@aol.com wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>The answer to your question is yes the amp sounds in the VG-99 are 
>If adjusted right they can do any thing!
>The presets from the factory are useless and I believe that has 
>thrown everyone in to a misconception of what is  the VG-99s true 
>I have a few clips you should check out of Fender style amps.
>On the synth end of the VG-99 I keep find endless possibilities.
>Good luck
>Bill Ruppert

I'll give a big +1 (make that +++1) to Bill Ruppert's VG-99 chops. 
He's quite likely the top 99 programmer out there today (at least 
until David Coffin gets up to speed on a new VG-99 and can give him 
some competition <*big grin*>).

There was a huge Soundclick page of Bill's that showed off an amazing 
array of what this instrument is capable of.  Alas, that collection 
is no more, but I'm so glad that some of those soundclips survived.

Thanks for chiming in, and great to see you lurking around here, Bill!  :)

"when you think your dreams are shattered, it's time to dream new dreams"