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Ableton Live 5 question

I am still in the process or working out how to do my jazz looping with Ableton 5. I have a question about MIDI remote control:

Is there a way to get Ableton 5 to perform two different functions in response to one external MIDI note? I would like to hit one note and have it start playing scene 3 at the same time as it starts recording into scene 3 slot 3. I know you can set an option where it will always start recording on all armed tracks when you switch to a new scene, but I would like to have multiple tracks armed at all times, while only recording into one of them when the scene starts.

Also, is there a way to get a function in Ableton 5 to be triggered by more than one note from the outside, i.e. "do this function if I play an F4 on channel 14 OR if you get a MIDI CC #10 message on channel 14"?

Mark Smart