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Re: getting clean live loops - technique


welcome to LD :-)

When I first started looping, I had the problem that I hit the pedal 
slightly too late. So, practicing definetely helps (assuming there are no 
latency issues involved).

Sometimes I have a rhythmic pattern that starts i.e. on "4", where I do 
this: Press the pedal for recording the loop on "1", skip the initial 
music however (i.e. start on 2/3) and add the beginning part (i.e. 
starting from 4) later to the loop using Overdub (either automatically or 

If you want to start on anything other than 1, then you should be careful 
working with multiple loops. Instead of stopping a loop, you might want to 
simply mute them. Otherwise, when you retrigger a loop, it might start at 
some odd point.

best regards and have fun looping! :-)


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