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Re: VG99


On Aug 30, 2008, at 2:30 PM, tEd  KiLLiAn wrote:

> Marko,
> I spelunked through the VG-99 manual this morning, and read in the  
> delay section (p123-125) that the longest delay the VG can muster  
> is a meager 1.8 seconds max - that's it.
> That tiny little delay amount can be treated in all sorts of  
> creative ways - but it's ultimately not meant as a "looper" per se,  
> at least not in the same way as those of us used to Echoplexes and  
> Looperlatives and such are used to thinking of "loopers."
> It might be able to approximate a "Space Echo" in the old retro way  
> of such things - increasing warmth/degeneration of repeats (a la  
> tape) as long as that short delay time is acceptable.
> But, if that new Boss RE-20  pedal has more delay time available to  
> it than a mere 1800ms, then the answer to you question of whether  
> there is a "virtual" RE-20 lurking in the bowels of the VG-99 is a  
> negative.
> Sorry if that is bad news.
> Tedster