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Greetings, Thanks, and Rc-20 footswitch ?

Greetings loop minded people!
I thank you for the wealth of info I poured over from 2001-2008 just now. My name is Chauncey and
I own an RC-20. I recently got the FS-6 Boss dual footswitch. I wanted to confirm with the most knowledgeable minds on the matter, that all this pedal can do is to switch UP from your pre-recorded  phrases.
I thought that at minimum I could record a loop(say #1), add to it, and then pedal(with your foot) up to the next blank phrase(say #2) and create a new loop. But it appears you can only move forward if there is something there already correct?

I have started to employ the use of this RC-20 in my act called Bouncy C http://bouncyc.com and I see that it does have live full song limitations but it works well for me to create 'build-up' songs.

Enjoy YourSelf