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Re: VG99


I spelunked through the VG-99 manual this morning, and read in the 
delay section (p123-125) that the longest delay the VG can muster is a 
meager 1.8 seconds max - that's it.

That tiny little delay amount can be treated in all sorts of creative 
ways - but it's ultimately not meant as a "looper" per se, at least not 
in the same way as those of us used to Echoplexes and Looperlatives and 
such are used to thinking of "loopers."

It might be able to approximate a "Space Echo" in the old retro way of 
such things - increasing warmth/degeneration of repeats (a la tape) as 
long as that short delay time is acceptable.

But, if that new Boss RE-20  pedal has more delay time available to it 
than a mere 1800ms, then the answer to you question of whether there is 
a "virtual" RE-20 lurking in the bowels of the VG-99 is a negative.

Sorry if that is bad news.