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Re: VG99

It doesnt have a specific Space echo model, but I believe it is  
capable of producing all the same results as the RE-20.  I do not  
have a RE-20, so I dont really know for sure.  I am looking at one of  
the original ads for the VG-99 in Guitar Player Mag where they have  
illustrations of many of the different guitars, amps and effects the  
VG-99 is capable of reproducing and there is a picture of the Roland  
RE-150 Space Echo.  So for what its worth.  What is it exactly are  
you wondering about?

On Aug 29, 2008, at 11:55 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> Does it have a Space Echo model? I've been tempted by the RE-20  
> pedal (which incidentally can sort of be used as a looper).
> Mark